Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Hurricane as the Great Flood

Many know the Story of Noah's ark and how God let it rain for 40 days and nights in order to cleanse the Worlds of sin. Up to this point in the novel Janie's life had not been clean of sin according to the bible. She left her first husband and remarried twice. In the Glades where Tea cake and Janie picked beans there was a lot of drinking and gambling. The Indians provide the First warning but the people Scoff at them. Some however follow as the Indians continue East. Lias offered Janie and Tea Cake a ride to safety but they refuse. In a way Lias's car is like the ark and they just denied safe passage. When the Rains start Tea Cake is throwing die with Motor boat. Janie understands God's part in this natural disaster. She tells Tea Cake "Ah'm glad y'all stop dat crap-shootin' even if it wasn't for money.""Ole Massa is doin' His work now. Us oughta keep quiet." After the storm Janie realizes how much she loved Tea Cake and goes home older and quieter. God cleansed her body and soul with the rain and also showed her his true power. Through this hurricane Janie found and trusted god.

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  1. That's a really interesting connection to the biblical flood that I hadn't thought of. It is very plausible that this was exactly Hurston's purpose in writing about the hurricane, especially considering that the title of the novel includes the word 'God'