Thursday, February 19, 2009

Clashing Ideas- Nanny And Janie

After reading chapters one through five it is clear that Janie and Nanny have clashing ideas. At the beginning of chapter 2 Janie recalls the day that she kissed Johnny Taylor and her grandmother witnessed. As soon as her grandmother sees this, she figures Janie has to get married. Janie does not understand Nanny’s view and protests the proposal.
“So ah mout ez well tell yuh what Ah been savin’ up for uh spell. Ah wants to see you married right away”
“Me, married? Naw. Nanny, no ma’am! Whut Ah know ‘bout uh husband?”
Janie does not know why Nanny wants to see her married so suddenly. Janie also disagrees about who her grandmother wants her to marry. Nanny wants Janie to marry Logan Killicks who Janie has no attraction to. Janie and Nanny see marriage as two completely different things. Nanny wants Janie to get married for protection and security while Janie wants to get married because of attraction and love. The difference in opinion is most likely because of the age gap and because of the experiences Nanny has gone through. Nanny was born into slavery where she was poor and was unable to advance because of her skin color. Nanny wants Janie to be better off than she was and therefore wants her to be with someone who will be able to support her financially. Because of Janie’s independence and her determination to not follow society, her marriage with Logan Killicks is unsuccessful. We will see where Janie’s unique characteristics take her throughout the novel.

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  1. I agree with Bethany that Nanny and Janie have very different ideas about life. Nanny, having experienced so much trauma during her life and watching as her own daughter slowly drifted away, only wants what is best for Janie. Janie, who is still young, lives on the edge and thinks she knows what is best for herself. Nanny is only trying to look out for Janie and give her the unconditional love that she was never able to give Janie's mother.