Thursday, February 26, 2009

Conflicting Thoughts with Tea Cake

In the chapters 10-15, Janie faces many internal and external conflicts regarding Tea Cake. At first, she isn’t sure if he is serious about her since she is so much older than he is, and she has a lot of money. She believes that is it just a fling to him and that he will lose interest one day and leave. There are also all of the other members in the town that add to her worry when they all tell her that it isn’t a good idea to be with Tea Cake. Even though she doesn’t choose to tell Tea Cake her worries, he still manages to notice on his own and reassure her that he loves her. This way, he is able to resolve her conflicting thoughts, if only temporarily.

There is also the time when Tea Cake is gone all day and all night along with her two hundred dollars. Janie worries that Tea Cake took her money and left, just like what happened to Annie Tyler. Even though she wants to believe in him and trust that he is coming back, she can’t help but be insecure about herself. She can’t get rid of her fears that he will take her money or find a younger woman.

She has another internal conflict that becomes an external one when they are working in the fields. When Janie sees Tea Cake flirting with Nunkie, she worries again. All of these conflicts over Tea Cake relate back to Janie’s insecurity over her age. While trying to believe in Tea Cake, it still can not be ignored.


  1. I agree. I saw a change in Janie as she got older. When she was a young woman she had more confidence. She wasn't afraid to be seen with Logan and she was not worried about finding the "right" person so marry. It is Nanny who was worried about this. As Janie gets older I see her becoming more like Nanny in the way that she worries more and has less selfconfidence over all.

  2. ...And by Logan I meant Johnny Taylor