Sunday, February 22, 2009

Characterization of Jody

Jody is a powerful man and he has a particular effect on people. It is said that "there was something about Joe Sparks that cowed the town. It was not because of physical fear. He was not the fist fighter.His bulk was not even imposing as men go. Neither was it because he was more literate than the rest. Something else made men give way before him. he had a bow down command in his face, and every step he took made the thing more tangible.(47)" Jody's confidence is what is so imposing about him. His sense of material entitlement arouses jealousy and resentment from the town. However, one sees later on that Jody is in fact insecure. He makes Janie tie up her hair because of the attention she gets for it. However, he cannot admit this because it shows insecurity and "he never said things like that. It just wasn't him (55)." Jody thinks that he owns Janie and he does not want any other men admiring her hair. He does not really love her, but rather enjoys possessing a wife who is as beautiful as Janie is.


  1. Later in the book you also see him insulting Janie about her old figure even though she still looks young. He does this because he himself feels fat and ugly and wants companionship in his misery.

  2. I think at first Joe did like Janie, but he was more physically attracted to her than emotionally attracted. By the time he was running Eatonville, all Janie was to Joe was a pretty wife that looked good next to him. I also feel that Joe is insecure because he is jealous of other men looking at Janie and he feels like he has to be the best. And I agree with Caroline that Joe is powerful because look at how much he changed Eatonville. Overall, I think Joe is a fake person.