Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Store as a prision

When Janie was married to Joe she had no freedom or Independence. He was her jailer and the store was her cell. Joe forced Janie to work at the store. He told her how to wear her hair and did not let her take part in any of the town's gatherings. When Janie asks to go to the Mule burial Joe tell her " But you ain't goin' off in all dat mess uh commonness. Ah'm surprised at yuh fuh askin" (60). When Joe was alive Janie could only listen to the porch talk from a distance and was not allowed to comment. Eventually she is isolated from the town even though she works in the hub of it. When Joe dies Jaine is released from store. She can talk to whoever she wants and sit on the porch whenever. She still runs the store but it no longer contains her. Janie learns to enjoy that freedom and is reluctant to find another "jailer" to take away her freedom.

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