Thursday, March 5, 2009


Nature plays a huge role in this Novel. Janie grew up in a civilized town and she found no freedom there. When She and Joe first moved to Eatonville it was rough and uncivilized. This town was closer to nature. In the beginning of their marriage Janie is happier and while Joe is busy she has freedom. However when the town is settled and a store built she has to tie up her hair and work in the store. Then Janie Marries Tea Cake and they move to Jacksonville. In Jacksonville Tea Cakes has to leave Janie alone at the house when he goes out to work and gamble. She has no freedom there. Then they move to the glades. The glades is as close to nature as Janie gets. She is allowed to act independently here and she plays games, dances, and even works like a man. Here the reader sees her real spirit. However her happiness does not continue because Nature ( the hurricane) chases Janie and Tea Cake out of the glades and back into civilization. Through this book Hurston shows that if you are closer to nature you will be free.

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