Thursday, March 5, 2009

Response to "Nature"

Kayleigh, I found your post on Nature to be really interesting. I also wanted to add that Hurston emphasizes the wisdom of Nature and the people that watch nature. For example, it is the Indian tribe that realizes that a hurricane is imminent. As we all know, Native Americans are extremely close to nature - they survive off of it and use it in so many aspects of their lives. So, instinct tells us that we should listen to these "nature experts" if they warn us about a dangerous natural disaster. But no. The characters in the novel act just like greedy capitalists who think nothing could harm them. Tea Cake even goes on to say that if the Indians were always right, then why would they have lost all of their land? If Tea Cake had listened to the Seminoles, he would not have gotten bit by the rabid dog and he would still be alive. Hurston is really emphasizing the importance of the people that are in complete harmony with nature, like the Indians.

This picture was also quite...interesting. It is how I imagined Tea Cake to look at times when he was angry (after he got infected).

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