Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reaction to Caroline's Post

Caroline, awesome song and great connection to the novel. The only thing is I feel like in a way Janie did waste a huge part of her life. She did what others wanted her to do for long. First she married Logan because her grandmother told her too. Then she married Jody and stayed in a loveless marriage, one in which she was controlled by her husband. She did not get out of the marriage on her own accord. It was not until Jody was on his death bed that she finally uttered those last powerful words and left. It was late in life, therefore, that Janie found Tea Cake and with it came true happiness.

So is this good? To spend the majority of our lives looking for happiness? To me that is a waste. I feel like I can learn from Janie's mistake. Independence is something that is extremely important to me. Now it means me having a car and a job, but later in life I must remember that it also means doing what makes me happy. I don't want to waste my life, as Caroline also said in her post. That is a fear of mine as well. I think that if we are conscience of this fear, however, that we will not become like Janie. This is the main lesson I learned from the novel.

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